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NetGalley ➤ January 31, 2022


The only thing that I didn’t like about this book is the fact that I can only read it for the first time, once. The worst part about finally breaking a curse is when, surprise! a new one is right there to fill that space. Kind of like when you finally clear your inbox and then everyone starts replying all back.

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NetGalley ➤ March 24, 2022


Oooo this was a creepy, horror-filled good time. How much would it cost for you to play hide and seek for a week? Already hiding from a childhood filled with sorrow, Mack knows exactly how much it would cost: whatever the mysterious organizers are paying.

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NetGalley ➤ December 3, 2021

A Far Wilder Magic

The cover reveal of A Far Wilder Magic stopped my scrolling and I am SO GLAD it did. This book gave me serious gothic fantasy vibes as Saft created a rich and complex world filled with curmudgeons, outsiders, alchemy, and a dog named Trouble.

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Blog Tour ➤ April 3, 2022

Very Bad People

I fell into reading Thrillers (both adult and YA) as a palate cleanser between high fantasy and epic series. Very Bad People was precisely what I was in the mood for and was a quick, gripping read that left me wanting more Рcan we have a sequel, please?

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